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Tiara Beauty Center (TBC)


Tel: +98 (21) 2283-8940

Address: Tehran, Farmanieh Area, Lavasani St., Niloufar alley, #3                                                                             

If you are not familiar with Tehran and require help, please contact us and you will be assisted with anything you may need.

Body Spa (massage)


  • Massage after sunbathe           time: 45 minutes


Description: massage with cooling oils and even tanning oils after sunbathe heals the dryness and inflammation resulted from the sun and helps the skin find a better color.


  • Slimming massage                   time: 45 minutes


Description: massage with special oils removes the cellulite hard texture and drains the tissue which leads to reduced weight and heals the obesity lines.


  • Prenatal massage                             time: 20 minutes


Description: prenatal period is a golden time for every woman. Hormonal changes and physical, mental and psychological developments in this period is associated with unintended pressures. Massage is one of the best ways to reduce these pressures and pains. This massage is performed with a specific technique.


  • Deep tissue massage                time: 45 minutes


Description: The treatment system called mutual attraction is done through stimulation of muscles which is in an unintentional-shorten condition. By making pressure on sensitive points, the muscle is relaxed and the nods in the muscular tissue are removed.


  • Swedish massage                    time: 60 minutes.


Description: it is a combination of oriental massage and sports medicine which started in the west since the 19th century and still has its specific fans. It is a gentle massage which relaxes the body.


  • Thai massage                         time: 60 minutes.


Description: It is a traditional massage with history of thousands of years in Thailand. This massage can be done with the body covered and applies smooth and rhythmic pressures to the body.


  • Aromatherapy massage (with aromatic oils)              time: 60 minutes.


Description: it is several centuries that people use the herbal extracts in the form of perfume and oil to heal their pains and become relaxed. In this type of massage, different oils are used for different treatment purposes.


  • Hot rocks massage                                     time: 60 minutes.


Description: in oriental traditional medicine, there are points in the body which are sources of balance between physical and mental aspects. The energy of Igneous and Basalt rocks can make this balance in the body and their temperature heals the muscular spasms.


  • Reflexology massage - time: 45 minutes.


Description: It has a five thousand-year history. By entering pressure to some points in the hands and feet and some parts of ear, this massage regulates the operation of Endocrines and internal body organs. Reflexology is known as the miracle of healing in this century.


  • Aioroda massage - time: 45 minutes.


Description: It is an ancient Indian massage which still continues for treatment purposes in Aioroda treatment centers.


  • Express massage- time: 20 minutes.


Description: sometimes suffering from pain at a point in the body, this local massage can bring relaxation and comfort.


  • Local massage (hand, leg, face and head, neck)- time: 30 minutes


Description: like the express massage, this massage is applied on painful points of body for a limited time.