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Tiara Beauty Center (TBC)


Tel: +98 (21) 2283-8940

Address: Tehran, Farmanieh Area, Lavasani St., Niloufar alley, #3                                                                             

If you are not familiar with Tehran and require help, please contact us and you will be assisted with anything you may need.

Skin care (Facial)


  • Facial spa (using Dr. Murad products)


  • Treatment for open pores                  Time: 30 minutes


Description: curing dirty open pores, creating brightness and preventing acne.


For its fruit acids, it can clean the dirt and dead cells from the skin surface, and for its antioxidants of pomegranate combats free radicals.


Result: after performing this service, the brightness and freshness of the skin is considerable. A weekly session for rapid and effective treatment is suggested. .


  • Anti-wrinkle and firming treatment (Dr. Murad LUX treatment)                   Time: 60 minutes


Descriptions: hormonal treatment for aging and moderate to deep wrinkles, dryness and elasticity reduction of the skin.


LUX treatment is an ideal treatment for dryness, wrinkle, elasticity reduction, and also hormonal issues because of aging. This treatment results in considerable collagen synthesis stimulation in the skin, which in turn leads to anti- wrinkle effects and increased skin elasticity. Mild peels result in brightness and stimulation of cell construction. By creating consistent moisture, we observe reduced depth of wrinkles and increased strength and stiffness of skin.


Result: You will observe the youthful glow even after the first session. The treatment strategy is 6 sessions once a week for 60 minutes each time. It is a very useful treatment, especially if associated with Vitamin C treatment in alternate weeks. Appropriate for people who travel a lot, are stressed, and people with dry and tough skin. .


  • Treatment for spots                time: 60 minutes


Descriptions: treating spots resulted from environmental factors, sunlight or treating skin wrinkle and sagging skin.


Having strong anti-oxidants and high quantity of vitamin C, this treatment lightens, brightens and firms and is very appropriate for skin. Treatment strategy is 6 sessions once a week for 60 minutes or twice a week for 30 minutes each.


It is a good treatment, especially if associated with AHA Rapid, resurgence and/or Microdermabrasion treatment, suitable for hands and legs, usable before makeup as mini-facial for 15 minutes.


  • IP5 facial            time: 60 minutes


Description: treatment for a variety of skin problems including wrinkles, reduced elasticity, different types of rashes, and reduced skin immune system because of frequent, severe and long diets.


Result: having a specific pressure point massage, this treatment results in softness and strong lifting. The treatment strategy is 6 sessions once a week for 60 minutes.


  • Treatment for sensitive skin                time: 60 minutes.


Description: treatment for redness, sensitivity, excessive stretching of skin, and irritated skin, treating different forms of sensitivity arisen from stress, wind, high temperature, solarium, peeling and etc.


Result: having strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, this treatment heals and is strongly anti-inflammatory for skin. The treatment strategy is 6 sessions once a week for 60 minutes .


  • Treatment for acne                 time: 60 minutes.


Description: treatment for acne and excessive fat excretion, also treating open pores. This treatment prevents acne and brightens the skin. It also reduces the redness and inflammation resulted from acne.


Result: having fruit enzymes, this treatment peels and cleanses the skin pores. Treatment strategy is 6 sessions once a week for 60 minutes.


  • Acidic peeling                time: 45 minutes.


Description: treatment for rashes, and wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation. Acidic peeling is highly effective and strong w

ith no side effects. It peels the dead cells and is anti-wrinkle, brightens, and strong stimulator for collagen synthesis. Treatment strategy depends on the skin problem and is 6 to 10 sessions every other week for 45 minutes.


  • Hydration treatment                time: 60 minutes.


Description: treatment for dry and dehydrated skin, suitable for over-processed skins in Microdermabrasion, peeling (laser CO2), making long lasting moisture for 48-72 hours in skin. Treatment strategy is 6 sessions once a week for 60 minutes.