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Tiara Beauty Center (TBC)


Tel: +98 (21) 2283-8940

Address: Tehran, Farmanieh Area, Lavasani St., Niloufar alley, #3                                                                             

If you are not familiar with Tehran and require help, please contact us and you will be assisted with anything you may need.

About us

"Beauty is part of the nature and I go along with nature." Marilyn Monroe


Tiara was established in order to educate and offer different health and beauty services using up to date international standards in the fields of beauty and spa.

Tiara uses the best health and beauty brands along with its experienced staff and trainers provides a complete range of beauty services while maintaining a superior and consistent quality and at the same time observing all health and beauty principles and standards. Tiara is your host in an exceptional environment with the aim of providing an unforgettable experience for our guests.

"Tiara is proud to use a single and unique brand in educating and providing every category of its services."

Extended research has shown that the world's most successful and famous brands are designed and produced smartly. Therefore, it meets all requirements of their consumers. Thus, the products' compositions and formulations are selected in an effective and integrated way. Studies show that combing brands is not only useless, but also harmful. Tiara considers this issue carefully and by investigating and selecting the most complete and high quality brands of the world guarantees health and beauty for its guests.


Identifying brands at Tiara Beauty Salon





Framesi as the best provider of hair color formulation to the fashion and the beauty world has provided a variety and quality hair colors which maintains the health of hair. The exclusive and unique technology of Framesi hair color is Framesi's gift for its customers in order to repair the internal and external structure of the hair through molecular methods. All additives for color combinations are also from the Framesi full collection.





Label.m, a unique product of TONI&GUY Company, provides a different category of products which uses oils and natural compounds with tested formulizations. Most products are without Sodium Sulfate.

We should mention that the two brands of Framesi and Label.m complement each other for a shiny and healthy hair






Murad is manufactured in the United States of America in the company of Dr. Murad, dermatologist with Ph.D. degree from UCLA. Dr. Murad is regarded as the beauty genius and father of skin care in the United States. Also, Murad has established the first Medical Spa in Los Angeles. Tiara is proud to realize the experience of massage and skin care using Murad Medical Spa method.

In the pervasive treatment with Murad, technical but at the same time simple methods are designed using cellular water rule in order to obtain the best results without side effects for both conserving healthy skins and treating skin problems.





Mac, which stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics, was established in 1985 in Toronto, Canada by Frank Tuscan and Franc Anjelo. Frank Tuscan was a makeup artist, hair stylist, and a professional photographer. Frank Anjelo was the manager of a successful chain of international beauty salons. As a photographer, Frank Tuscan wasn’t content with the available cosmetic products in the market. He believed that the problems with makeup are more distinct and noticeable in photos. Therefore, he created a new formulation to develop cosmetic products. His formulation was noted by many makeup artists in the world and gradually became famous. Mac formulation is very simple; an affordable and simple recyclable package to keep the prices low and stable, high quality non-allergic products for the professional makeup artists, tests which are carried out on medical pads instead of animals, and training the vendors in representing the products throughout the world. In 1996, Estee Lauder proposed to Mac to be included in its family. 2 years later, Tuscan and Anjelo accepted the proposal considering it could open the globalization window for them. Then, John Deffrey, the president of Estee Lauder, undertook the presidency of Mac and has been very successful. Mac by presenting attractive and popular ideas has mobilized people throughout the world in order to contribute to recycling, help the patients with HIV and education. Among these ideas we can mention Back to Mac, Aids Fund Support and Viva Glam Lipsticks.

By presenting different makeup products, this professional and unique brand developed the makeup industry in the world, and considered satisfying different tastes. Mac training classes are hold in authorized countries and all their products are always updated.








Orly's team, consisted of beauty experts, has produced its products since 1975 so that it is the first professional choice to have natural and beautiful nails. Having more than 35 years of experience, Orly has offered more than 25 types of cosmetic and medical products to the market, and is considered as the most complete production line of nail products. All Orly nail polish products are presented with a special lid which is easy to open and close and also for their material and structure. In this regard, Orly has won the prize for the best design in 2012. The full collection of Orly nail polishes includes 200 diverse colors which all have hydrating, herbal and nutrient compounds.